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Tipsters this Season: 2564 and growing!
SEASON #89 (Day 18)


17 Sep 2022 


14 Nov 2022 


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Top 10 MLS
1. shitzu +$476k
2. crono76@st… +$428k
3. AsiaBoy +$427k
4. b6339 +$352k
5. Maomaai +$334k
6. kevinweng +$327k
7. raul8888 +$298k
8. ydz +$293k
9. superseasa +$275k
10. Redhill-81 +$266k

Top 100 Tipsters
 1. skyboysg $2.72m
 2. KEN3333 $2.66m
 -3. Lordess $2.62m
 4. Bigmouth $2.54m
 5. zetlim $2.40m
 6. babysida $2.39m
 -7. Mirage Jet $2.39m
 8. soccertime74 $2.30m
 9. Chris Ten $2.27m
 10. WhoBengHuat $2.26m
 11. goondo $2.25m
 12. Kenny Prooooo $2.24m
 13. smallbookie $2.23m
 -14. selca $2.22m
 15. lojo $2.16m
 16. vv2002 $2.16m
 17. AsiaBoy $2.13m
 18. crono76@strea… $2.13m
 19. Tiger6789 $2.09m
 20. 8quare $2.09m
 21. tslim $2.07m
 22. semaJlee $2.07m
 23. Ironmanasian $2.06m
 24. Arplos85 $2.06m
 25. haibannhau $2.06m
 26. iEclipsE $2.05m
 27. thanhhiendep2… $2.05m
 28. nhanhaukg $2.05m
 29. สุขพลนนทศักดิ… $2.05m
 30. nttrungmt $2.04m
 31. Ryan84 $2.03m
 32. Tân Huỳnh $2.02m
 33. sayusayme $2.02m
 34. Tet156799 $2.00m
 35. sasa888 $2.00m
 36. virtualSTRIKE… $2.00m
 37. wwf8839 $1.99m
 38. fate_87 $1.97m
 39. seelangui $1.96m
 40. dm.10 $1.94m
 41. GoodPeople $1.93m
 42. Satria120r $1.93m
 43. onnyotto $1.92m
 44. jamessim $1.92m
 45. SPERRL $1.92m
 46. Daze $1.90m
 -47. SOCCERAIDEN $1.90m
 48. Black Crows $1.89m
 49. yoonsoesoe $1.89m
 50. 9388 $1.89m

 51. nks2018 $1.89m
 52. seangfay $1.88m
 -53. keltbc $1.88m
 54. SANWA_Tips $1.87m
 55. Blackshoes $1.87m
 56. brothersazha1… $1.86m
 57. ALXAB $1.86m
 58. MiNhut $1.86m
 59. andydior $1.86m
 60. Michael8833 $1.85m
 61. brnrd826 $1.84m
 62. actwen87 $1.83m
 63. EPL Specialis… $1.83m
 64. ongsa $1.83m
 65. z500 $1.83m
 66. Tipsters η⁰¹ $1.82m
 67. BOON_NG $1.82m
 68. Bet Advisory $1.82m
 69. McQ15 $1.82m
 70. DRAGONZ $1.81m
 71. lau8 $1.81m
 72. CrazyBall1983 $1.80m
 73. jdpd $1.79m
 74. summeryong $1.78m
 75. Hoài Ngô 2781 $1.77m
 76. Fuzzy Logic $1.77m
 77. shitzu $1.76m
 78. Andi_oek $1.76m
 79. limara $1.76m
 80. Dushen $1.76m
 81. DouNatdanai $1.75m
 82. ptts $1.75m
 83. Johnhoang325 $1.75m
 84. No 23 $1.74m
 85. fChua $1.74m
 86. Vô Danh888 $1.74m
 87. yenernlee $1.74m
 88. ong21157 $1.74m
 89. stoneken $1.73m
 90. tibokovi $1.73m
 91. Solaris $1.73m
 92. ecs_79 $1.73m
 93. Jill $1.73m
 94. MMCM $1.73m
 95. Lung $1.72m
 96. Rodimus $1.72m
 97. IU dlwlrma $1.72m
 98. Qwerty0118620… $1.71m
 99. 3kings $1.71m
 100. JohnsonChan $1.71m
Total Tipsters: 2564
= Big Bet Placed Today
 = Winning Streak

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Qn 1. If I bet on Team A, can I change bet and bet on Team B?
Ans. You can cancel your bet up to 12 hours after you have placed your bet, but there will be a 10% Cancellation Penalty of your Stake. i.e. AB$2,500 for normal bets, AB$10,000 for Big Bets. However, there is a Grace period of 2 hours where you will not incur any Penalty.


Qn 2. Is my bet still valid if I betted on Team A @ -1/4, but the odds changed later to Team A -1/2?
Ans. All bets placed at whichever odds and rate will stay the same no matter how they change later.


Qn 3. Min bet is AB$25,000.00 , Max bet is ?
Ans. Maximum bet is AB$100,000.00


Qn 4. Competition has already started, can I still take part if I haven't registered?
Ans. Yes you can!


Qn 5. What is the closing time to place my bet?
Ans. All matches are closed for betting 5 minutes before kickoff.


Qn 6. What is BIG BET?
Ans. That is the BIG BET function. You can choose which matches you are very confident with and place a BIG BET on that result. This will place a AB$100,000 on that bet. You are only allowed 3 BIG BETS per match day. So choose carefully!


Qn 7. When will I be able to place BIG BETS again after I have used up my 3 big bets?
Ans. You can do so immediately after the previous day's matches have been settled.


Qn 8. If a match is cancelled or postponed, will my stakes be returned?
Ans. Yes.


Qn 9. Must I be a registered member in the take part in AB Tipsters Champiionship? (Do i need to register in the AB Tipsters Championship separately?)
Ans. If you already have a forums.account with us, you are already registered. Simply log in with your username/password. If you do not have an account, you can register here.


Qn 10. How far back can i see my betting history ?
Ans. All through the competition season.


Qn 11. Why is my name not on the ranking table anywhere?
Ans. Your rank will be given after your first bet is settled.


Qn 12. What happens if I become bankrupt? Will I still be able to play?
Ans. When you become bankrupt (i.e. < AB$0.00), you will still be able to play and go negative. There is no capital limit!


Qn 13. Must I bet on all matches or can I skip certain matches and bet only on those that I am confident?
Ans. You can skip any match you do not wish to play.


Qn 14. Can I bet on both sides in the same match? Even if the Odds has changed?
Ans. No.


Qn 15. What is this warning screen that I get with multiple accounts?! My friends share the same PC with me to bet.
Ans. To prevent tipsters from registering multiple accounts to bet on the competition, we have implemented a 5 minute time lag between logout and login of a new account. If you are sharing the same PC with your friends to bet, you need to wait 5 minutes after logging out before logging in a new account.


Qn 16. What is Double Up?
Ans. To make the run-in to the end of the season doubly exciting, the last 5 days of the season you will be able to double up your bets! i.e. Normal Bet = AB$50,000. BIGBET = AB$200,000! This will ensure the Top 50 will be on their toes with the chasing pack having a greater chance to catch up (or fall away).


Qn 17. I am having really bad luck and have negative AB$, can I still play?
Ans. We are also giving Rock Bottom Medals to the Bottom 10 Tipsters of each season. To be fair, there will be no 10% Cancellation Penalty for the Bottom 100 Tipsters. Also, tipsters will be ineligible for the Rock Bottom Medal if they have cancelled more than 10 bets (resulting in penalties) in a season.


Do you have more questions that are not answered here?
Please send an email to and we will promptly answer them.

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